Design your HOME • your HEART • your HEALTH

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I believe that your home, your heart and your health are all connected.  These 3 things need to be harmoniously balanced to live an authentic life.   I love unique furniture finds, living a healthy lifestyle, creating photography & exploring nature.  My non-profit animal rescue (Curly Tail Pug Rescue) keeps me quite busy but can’t keep me away from my passion for design & styling work.


My goal (for the interior design portion of the insta•Design Group) is to provide home decor packages & design solutions that can be implemented quickly & by anyone.  Let me help you create inviting spacing that reflect your personality & style, on a realistic budget, and with a quick timeline.  I find a creative way to use anything  – old, new, found, purchased, up-cycled & recycled. 


After years of working at high end, boutique, interior design houses in NYC,  I am definitely grateful for the experience.  However, most design firms are simply not set up for your “normal” person.   “Normal” people want lovely homes but maybe don’t have a flair for pulling it together in a cohesive way.  Many times they don’t have the desire (or the time) to come up with a design scheme.  LOTS of people who want something more personalized than rooms straight out of shops like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel etc.  Those places are great resources but you want your home to reflect who YOU are, not an IKEA buyer!


I am a New Yorker – sort of.  Being born & raised in NYC has set a fantastic foundation filed with art & culture; provided a great back drop of design experience & fine tuned my general aesthetic.   I recently moved at Austin to take a break from my crazy NYC lifestyle.   It was the only lifestyle I had ever known and that needed to change.  Never having lived outside of NYC, this was definitely a BIG change!   The VIRTUAL part of the design experience comes in right about now.  All of my independent work has been done virtually.  With today’s technology, almost all business can be conducted remotely.  It is no different for a designer to do the same.  Please visit my Hunter Place project.  I saw this space in person ONLY AFTER the project was complete! 


You determine how much help you want from me and which services are needed!  You can select one of the design packages available or choose individual services from the a la carte menu.  It’s a totally personal, customizable, design experience.


Oh!  To learn more about me, feel free to read my post on finding ones AUTHENTIC SELF while navigating this path called life here: Where is the Sweet Spot?

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